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On the way home from Austria to the UK, we had several routes planned.

Either up through Germany and then Belgium and France to the Channel, or slightly longer through Liechtenstein and Switzeland before emerging into Germany and France....

I chose the latter. I have never been to Liechtenstein before and probably never will go again unless it's to see the massive holes dug in the ground for foundations to be filled with another bank. From Flickr I can see we missed a lot of sights/sites.

I guess it was naive of me to think that Liechtenstein would be like Vulgaria from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" but maybe we missed the charming centre with old buildings and cobbled square?

We stayed in the YH in nearby Schaan. I think the intervening years it has been replaced with a newer building. Which is a shame as this one was perfectly adequate for a middle-aged couple on a motorcycle. maybe with YH's around Europe becoming more like hotels the addition of en-suite facilities (loo etc) is seen to be more important than shared loos/washing facilities. I don't know.

Luckily we had booked breakfast in the hostel for the following morning. The ride there was sublime. The scenery of the western alps in Austria was superb.

That morning we had set off from Zell am See where we had stayed in the youth hostel overlooking the See. Our room had a window directly over the lake. For the most part we had tried to avoid the toll motorway. I did have a ten day motorcycle vignette on the bike but the national roads are so much more pleasant. We had lunched in Zell am Ziller at a hotel there. Again amongst superb and often breathtaking scenery.

Lunch in Zell am Ziller

Lunch in Zell am Ziller

And then on along the autobahn westwards. Rather than take the Arlberg Tunnel we looped off over the Arlberg Pass. Even though it was the last day of may, it was cold. it was snowy and it was misty. I failed in my duty to photograph the bike with the pass sign, but did get one of a freezing Claire on the pass.

Arlberg Pass

Arlberg Pass

Next stop Schaan.

The Youth hostel was on the right as we entered the village. At this point we didn't realise that there was a long walk to anything resembling a cafe or such like.

Schaan jugendherberge

Schaan jugendherberge

Once changed into non-biking gear we decided to have a walk into Vaduz as we thought it was going to be Vulgaria. It was a Monday and so I expected that there would be shops open and maybe cafes with outside seating. Merry locals and tourists supping beers and coffees over cordial chatter. No. None of that.

We passed the castle on the left as we walked in. Up on a hill top overlooking the road and the valley below.

Liechtenstein castle

Liechtenstein castle

We eventually found a cafe open and went in for a coffee and a cake. It was very modern and sufficed. Then we had the long walk back again to the YH.

Luckily they had had some more visitors and were cooking. We had dinner in and then retired for the night.

The next morning we set off for Switzerland and another YH at Stein am Rhein.

P.S. If you have read the entry, please feel free to comment.....

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